Oplign’s AI enabled platform launches a new era of Enterprise Data Analytics

Human Optimization Management

Oplign’s breakthrough in the way it finds, gathers, and “sees” all the relevant data in the market and all the data in your enterprise immediately changes the way you see, manage and value your company.

The emergence of the Enterprise Optimization Management System (OMS) changes the game.

Oplign allows an enterprise to view, organize, and value every operational execution element of every one of its employees, candidates, resumes, and service suppliers all the time in real time so that every manager, leader, and line resource can organize, prioritize, and maximize execution assets, activities and investments on any job, project, division, or market.

Fast, Easy, Intuitive, and Comprehensive

Oplign delivers all the data and answers an enterprise needs to solve its most vexing issues about workforce configuration, employee optimization, organizational evolution, and labor capacity predictions against dynamic markets. Just as supply chain management captures and reveals all materials and values in the workflow at all Oplign shows an enterprise exactly how all its human capital value configures and optimizes against all execution needs at all times.

The acceleration of smart execution via a continuously updating common operating picture across the enterprise.

A single, centralized Optimization Management System to see exactly what’s available for enterprise execution and growth across every office, region, project, HR database, and company recruiting queues automatically. You will have global access to the enterprise’s labor supply meets in labor demands in the click of a key. Completely agnostic to any and all ATS, HRMS, CRM, or other installed systems, Oplign merges all your new and legacy data together on comprehensive SaaS platform that can be up and running in a minute.

Oplign revolutionizes the way an enterprise collects, views, and applies data for optimizing its workforce, making the entire organization measurably smarter, faster, and better on a day-to-day, project by project, and annual basis.

US Government Contractors

Veteran & Military Spouse Hiring

Win more, fill faster, yield higher.

Vet hiring with the world's most advanced skills translation AI.

Understand how every labor asset aligns to every IDIQ and USG contract Labor Category

Massive reduction in asset alignment transactional costs across all Divisions and Units

Immediately understand what every veteran can do inside your enterprise

Allow Vets to immediately know all your jobs they are qualified to execute

Large reduction in B&P costs while increase in proposal win rates across the enterprise

Increase in revenue with incumbent customers through optimal asset alignment

Automatically translate every military skill or experience to the proper civilian skills

Allow Military Spouses to sync and align to all your jobs via the Vetlign Spouse app

Large Enterprises

Service Delivery Organizations

Unleash the scale of a giant with the speed of a start up.

Matching your supply to market demand wherever it occurs.

See all the data all the time of the Enterprise’s most value revenue generating assets

Immediately understand how all 1K, 2K, 5K, 10K, or 25K of your employees align

Understand the cost, price, and value of all your assets to all your market opportunities

Dynamically configure your delivery teams and activities to maximize productivity

Increase in margins though full market price to asset value understanding

See how labor characteristics and value are moving in your markets before anyone else

Optimally manage full human operations capacity to the variations in all your markets

Balance employee and 1099 mixture for management of revenue and margins