Government Contracting

Are you overwhelmed with paperwork? What would you do with your time if mundane tasks were automated?

Organize the labor component response of your bid in only a few steps, using the data you already have.


Automate the IDIQ Task Order Response Package (TORP).

IDIQ Task Order response can be chore. Capture managers have to break down the TORP into a compliance matrix and identify the company's assets that are then put against the requirement.


Coordination with recruiting.

As gaps are identified, managers must coordinate with recruiting to find the candidates outside of the firm with resumes that meet TORP requirements.


Quick response to requirements.

Respond faster and more effectively to TORP’s through the automated querying and displaying of profiles that meet job requirements.


Increase margins with a streamlined process.

Increase TORP margins by eliminating tedious paperwork and automating mundane tasks with Oplign’s streamlined processes.


It's simple!

Let us know the IDIQs you are working on. We will ingest the details and organize the data. All you need to do is select the contract, and the labor category- then presto! You will see the universe of profiles meeting those qualifications.

What can Oplign do for you?

I’m interested in:

5-35% increase in current contracts based on closing open seats.
Reduce proposal costs throughout the Program Management Office.
Recognize revenue on new demand 10-15% faster