Job Seekers

Give us a bit of information

We don’t need you to fill out a five page Curriculum Vitae, a 40-part personality test, or even cut and paste parts of your resume. All we need to get going are two simple inputs: Years’ Work Experience and Education.

You can add more and attach your resume to speed up Oplign’s learning process as well, but our process starts aligning you with just these two inputs.

Point us in the right direction

Once the wheels start turning, Oplign’s Context Learning Engine for Overwatch (CLEO) starts matching you with Job Opportunities  you qualify for. By clicking through a couple opportunities in your ‘My Opportunity’ queue, we quickly learn your qualifications and skills, and can get you closer to your target opportunities.

View fully qualified Job Opportunities

Now Oplign can align you precisely to jobs you’re qualified for based on what companies list as job requirements – both required and preferred. We promise this won’t be: “You have 12,000 new Job Opportunities to look at!”  We push only opportunities in your sweet spot to assist in your career progression.

Choose the best and start engaging

With a queue of fully qualified opportunities you can now prioritize and decide which ones you want to pursue. Oplign helps you to interact with companies that have the jobs you want; allows companies to invite you to look at jobs you may not have seen; and lets you determine when you release your contact info to any potential employer for further discussions.