Job Seeker

Oplign is the most advanced career engine in the world.

Oplign is the Easy Button, for finding a job.

Oplign turns the job market into fully structured data, so that you can immediately understand how you align with jobs that you want.

Job Seeker Optimization

Simply create a profile. Then immediately see the jobs that align to you. Now you can target all jobs that you are best qualified to execute.

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Always-On Data Syncing Profile.
Not Another Resume.

Job matching is built by data, not semantic word matching. Inboxes are no longer filled with irrelevant matches, only persistent career data alignment.


The Veteran Employment Breakthrough

Oplign understands veterans the way the Gunny understands his corps and the Navy Chief her fleet. Simply click on branch, rank, MOS, rate, or AFSC, and Oplign aligns you to your job market.

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CHQ6 Algorithm

A Revolution in Gap Awareness

Once in the system, our CHQ6 Algorithm draws upon millions of jobs and immediately shows you exactly which additional skills, certifications, and qualifications, needed to be fully qualified for the next group of jobs desired.


The ‘New Graduate’ Breakthrough

Oplign shows new graduates their aligned opportunities. Oplign begins with your educational major, then zeros in on full and part-time entry-level opportunities including internships. Oplign uses the power of big data to provide complete market awareness.


New Awareness of Jobs and Salary

Oplign’s tools radically change the data a job seeker can view including both available opportunities and precise salary estimator.

How Oplign Works For You


Sign Up.

Let us know your job function, title, and educational level. Or, if you’re a Veteran let us know your Branch, Rank and MOS/Rate/ASFC.


Skills Aligner.

Click on the skills you possess that Oplign generates for you.


Oplign Profile.

See the jobs for which you are initially and fully qualified to apply. Build even more alignment by interacting with job requirements and additional data.


Express Interest.

Let a company know you are fully qualified for the job and want to talk to them. Then continue aligning yourself to jobs to move more opportunities from initially to fully qualified.


Oplign Dashboard.

Know when a company responds, join an ongoing job fair, use our CHQ6 algorithm, and access OpSearch to see how jobs lign to your Oplign Profile.

What can Oplign do for you?

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Immediate understanding of all the jobs you qualify for in your area.
Revolutionary data tools help bridge the gap in finding a job faster.
Oplign provides over a million current job openings.