Operations Management

Do you need to understand all the talent within your company?

Much like supply chain management software, Oplign provides a global workforce view.


Workforce Awareness

Oplign’s enterprise module provides operations managers and senior executives human capital value configurations and optimizes that against all execution needs.


Maximize Execution Assets

Value every operation execution element including; employees, candidates, resumes, and service suppliers in real-time.


Real-time Fidelity

Oplign provides an understanding of the entirety of a company’s workforce in a near real-time manner to take action instantly.



Oplign’s insight and access to the global labor market, supplies a broader comprehension of talent to help drive margin expansion for current demand.


Data Delivery

Oplign solves the most vexing issues about; workforce configuration, employee optimization, organizational evolution, and labor capacity predictions against dynamic markets.

What can Oplign do for you?

I’m interested in:

10-15% faster revenue recognition for new demand.
65% increase in ROI for on the job training.
Drive margin expansion by 20% on current demand.