Strategy & Executive

Do you struggle to understand how your workforce meets the needs of the current market? What if you could know exactly how your enterprise measures up?

Oplign provides full visibility across the global labor market.


Real-Time Data.

Real-time analysis of the global workforce and broader market dynamics using Oplign’s insight and access.


Data-Driven Digitization.

With Oplign, you no longer have to struggle to understand how competitive your workforce is by crunching unstructured data.


Workforce Overlap.

Investigate fit with workforce overlap to fulfill merger and acquisition candidates for a cost reduction or strategic realignment model.


Reduce Consultant Fees.

Oplign provides executives accurate real-time data about their global workforce and reduces consultant fees.


Protect Proprietary Data.

Protect vital proprietary data by eliminating the need for consultants and eliminating generic market analysis.

What can Oplign do for you?

I’m interested in:

24/7/365 real-time data of the entire workforce market.
Drive margin expansion by 20% on current demand.
Spend 1/10 on consultant fees with real-time downloadable data.