Talent Acquisition

Do you need qualified candidates at your fingertips? Would you like to know who is on your career page, in real-time?

Oplign is the Easy Button for talent.

Oplign’s talent acquisition suite allows quick access to see exactly which profiles align with open positions.


Align Profiles With Talent

Oplign’s talent acquisition suite gives talent professionals the ability to see which profiles fully align with their open positions.


Adjustable Parameters

Oplign allows hiring managers the flexibility to find the right profiles by adjusting the parameters of the job to match the right candidate.


Optimize Supply To Demand

Oplign optimizes how recruiters and HR managers view and align outside supply to the enterprise’s demand.


Aggregate Candidates

Oplign developed an algorithm for all qualified candidates into one location.


Real-Time Communication

Oplign gives enterprises the ability to establish an immediate line of communication with job seekers interested in positions.


Targeted Functional Areas

Oplign targets talent based on functional areas including; skilled trades, IT, finance, and targets in-demand groups.

What can Oplign do for you?

I’m interested in:

100% understanding of qualified job seekers accessing your career page.
93% reduction in false alignment to jobs in your applicant tracking system.
35% lower turnover by getting the right people into the right job faster.