Third Party Solutions

Does your organization use labor market data to make strategic, economic, organizational, or sub par decisions?

Welcome to the big labor data revolution!

Oplign aligns the labor demand market with the supply market 24/7.

VSO’s and Job Fair Organizers

Does your Veteran Service Officer (VSO) focus on helping veterans find employment? Are you fed up with low yield job fairs wasting time?


Transition Assistance that is game changing.

Oplign turns jobs into data. This allows transitioning service members to understand how they align with jobs for which they qualify simply by entering their Branch, Rank, and MOS.


A Force Multiplier for Veteran Services Organizations (VSO)

Improve veterans' lives through better employment and a new mission. Oplign is free to you and your organization.


Turn Job Fairs into Alignment Events

Oplign’s data exchange converts the chaos of a job fair into a universal alignment event. Quickly match companies with qualified candidates.

Educational Institutions

Are you preparing your students for the real job market? Are there courses that help a liberal arts major find a job faster or acquire that gateway internship?


Courselign. Apply What You Learn to Real Market Demands.

Courselign allows students to see for which courses will help them meet the qualifications of their targeted careers across industries.


Gradlign. Automatically Align New Grads to Opportunities.

Gradlign allows students to align with the employment market through entering their; educational major, key courses, and graduation year.


Internlign. See the Best Opportunities Between Semesters.

Internlign allows students to see internships and summer opportunities available by; functional area, industry type, location, company, and multiple other characteristics.

State Guard Bureaus

Are you fully supporting your troops in their jobs search? Do you know what everyone in the unit can do in the civilian world? Does everyone returning home have a job lined up?


Guardlign. Align All Guardsmen to Statewide Jobs.

Guardlign allows any State Guard Organization to see how all its National Guard assets align to opportunities across the state and supports full employment for the Guard.


Immediate Employment Awareness on Redeployment

Align guards with jobs and set up interviews before they return from deployment.


Universal Civilian Skills Index for Optimizing the Force

Optimize skills index provides a universal view of the capabilities, and certifications of each asset, and how they can be prioritized for State Guard requirements.

Economic Development Teams

Do you know the real-time labor demand in your region? Do you know your human capital supply gaps? Do you know the availability of potential skilled workers?


Understand the Regional Demand

Regional job opportunities are organized by hundreds of characteristics including: function, industry, certifications, education levels, salaries, and IT languages.


Find the Gaps, Close the Gaps, Re-Index, and Repeat

Strategically fix gaps in the labor supply. Tactically get to the root cause and close that gap with real-time labor demand data.


Optimize the Educational Infrastructure

Bring regional educational institutions and student capital to close and optimize economic growth.

Corporate Strategy Teams

Do you use parametric tools to measure your market demands? Do you have a real-time understanding of labor demand, supply dynamics, or supply clearing rates at elemental and niche levels?


Understand the Targeted Demand

Oplign allows analysts to see how demand and supply are aligning across all markets, for precise analysis on competitors, substitutes, sensitivities, and valuation deltas.


Regress the Market Data

Oplign’s data is continuously updated as the demand market evolves. This allows for comparison of any data set to all the structured market data released; today, yesterday, last week, or even last year.


Labor Value Balance Sheet for Your Enterprise

Create a labor value balance sheet with data that you know like; material supply, Treasury holdings, and various risk exposures. Combining this data with Oplign data on the exact value of your workforce provides a clear vision.

Institutional Investors

What labor demand market predictors or what labor supply indicators exist in the data?


Understand Competitive Positioning on the Demand Side

Oplign shows data patterns and market indicators in the open demand marketplace that indicate the movements, positioning, and health of various players across industries, regions, and pricing.


Understand Competitive Positioning on the Supply Side

Oplign shows data patterns in the supply market that work as predictive models for enterprise success across multiple markets, sectors, and locales.


Understand Cost, Price, and Value 24/7

Oplign’s continual structuring of each demand requirement to all other demand requirements in the market allows the most accurate salary and valuation generator.

What can Oplign do for you?

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