Veteran Hiring Optimization

Immediately understand, align, and engage every qualified veteran who accesses your career site in less than 60 seconds.

The Veteran Employment Breakthrough.

Oplign’s Veteran Alignment Engine, Vetlign, is the most advanced job tool available to Vets and Transitioning Military.


Vetlign. The Ultimate Veteran Alignment Tool

Immediately align veterans on your career site to millions of job openings at Oplign. Commence a proactive pursuit for fully qualified veterans.


The Military Spouse Alignment Tool

Military spouses bring unique perspectives, skills, are flexible, and committed employees.


Veteran Job Fairs Optimized Overnight

Effective virtual job fair chat rooms. Immediately understand how veterans align with your jobs the moment they join and for months after.


Veteran Translation That Evolves With The Force

Oplign understands veterans like no other system in the world. Our algorithms update daily. As new skills emerge in the workforce, Oplign makes the connection.


Talentlign. A Kinetic Military Talent Network

Military talent networks contain resumes that are stale and irrelevant to your needs. Oplign turns all your veteran talent data kinetic, showing you how everyone in your network aligns with every job.

What can Oplign do for you?

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Increase veteran hiring yield by 15-35%.
Use Vetlign to understand veterans so you can hire them today.
Optimize veterans that already work for you overnight.