Workforce Demand Optimization

Is your company organized around optimizing how labor supply meets market demand to remain competitive?

Globally analyze labor assets to make them work for you.

Optimize the way you go to market by configuring, reskilling, and renewing your workforce assets.


Optimize Labor Spend

Oplign is the only product on the market that optimizes labor spend automatically. Streamline operating expenses by including actionable data on; capital, material, technical, and labor assets.


Proactively Grow Your Supply

Pave the way for employee advancement. Train, promote, and utilize employees across the entire company demand portfolio.


Optimally Merge Workforces

Streamline the process for labor-intensive mergers in days rather than months.


Understand Labor Pricing Globally

Utilize global labor demand pricing for a project, or job, at elemental, and regional levels, for all labor positions.


Enter New Markets Profitably

Recognize new market demands for specialized labor for proper pricing. Measure market characteristics into actionable data.

What can Oplign do for you?

I’m interested in:

Reduce current labor spend 5-7% by connecting the dots with the data.
Reduce employee churn 10-25% per year, by putting the right people in the right jobs, right now.
58% of organizations use AI to improve consistency, quality, and productivity.