Navigate the Talent Landscape with Unparalleled Insight and Efficiency

Oplign revolutionizes recruitment by automatically aligning candidates with real-time company demands. Say goodbye to costly sourcing methods, lackluster ATS outcomes, and mere 1% CRM yields.

Revolutionizing Candidate Sourcing

Targeting, and Valuation as Simple as 1, 2, 3…

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1. The Cure for Talent Blindness

Oplign provides crucial decision-making data on candidates that CRMs and ATSs can't offer.

  • Candidate Segmentation
  • Candidate Valuation
  • Prioritized Targeting
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2. The Metrics that Matter

Oplign gets you the metrics that matter most from more than 95% of candidates that visit your career site.

  • Candidate Relevancy
  • Candidate Recency
  • Candidate Daily ROI Value
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3. Optimal Candidate Engagement

Oplign puts the most valuable candidates at the top of your queue. Especially the ones that will never apply at your site.

  • Close in days not weeks
  • Fix low yield ATS issues
  • Eliminates the need for a CRM

Unique Perspectives, Unique Data, Unique Features

Discover what makes our talent acquisition suite unparalleled in the industry.

Universal Translation Alignment

Oplign transforms all company job descriptions and requirements into structured data so that recruiters can make apple to apple decisions on every candidate.

Relevancy to Demand

Oplign measures the complete skill set and experience level of every candidate against company demands; and immediately reveals every candidates R2D value for priority engagement.

Scale at Speed

Unlimited number of candidates synching to an unlimited number of jobs, being accessed by any/every company recruiter all to drive the company bottom line.

Recruiting Supercharger

With the ability to see the most valuable and most qualified candidates for every function and every job req in a click, Oplign allows a dozen recruiters to act as one, or one to product like a dozen.

Versatility Across All Industries

Oplign works for IT, it works for Finance, it works for HealthCare, it works for Trades, it works for Pharma, it works for Logistics, it works for Aviation, it works for Sales, it works for…everything, everywhere, all the time.

It’s About Closing, not Collection

The data-decision platform for your 21st century talent alignment, integration, and optimization answers so a company can close the best candidates rather than collect the most resumes

The Now of Talent

The Future of Work has arrived – it’s called Oplign


Reduction in Talent Sourcing Costs


Elimination of Unqualified Resumes into your ATS


Alignment and Understanding of every candidate at your Career Site


Increase in Clearing Hiring


Increase in Veteran Hiring


Increase in real-time decision data on high value candidates from every channel

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Frequently Asked Questions

Oplign is not a typical job board or resume database. Unlike platforms where success hinges on keyword searches, Oplign actively aligns candidates’ skills, experiences, and certifications with the specific requirements employers are looking for. Our unique approach ensures that users and employers are matched effectively, based on a comprehensive understanding of the job market and each candidate's place within it.

Absolutely! Oplign is designed to be system-agnostic, seamlessly integrating with any existing ERP or ATS your company uses. Our platform complements your current systems by providing a seamless candidate application process through Oplign’s job alignment capabilities, enriching your recruitment process without disrupting your established workflows.

We prioritize your privacy and data security. Oplign employs a robust platform powered by AWS, a trusted leader in cloud services used by prominent companies like Salesforce, Netflix, Cerner, and Expedia. This world-class infrastructure adheres to stringent data protection standards, ensuring that your personal information remains secure and compliant with prevailing privacy laws.