Stop Searching and Start Aligning - Everywhere All the Time

Oplign is a revolutionary Employment Intelligence Platform that gives the Job Seeker a whole new perspective on how their Skill Sets aligns to the global and local job markets.

The Optimal Platform for Job Seekers of any Skill Level

See tens of thousands of opportunities you’re qualified for, and thousands more you’re one or two new skills away from, and which companies wants to hire you as simple as 1,2,3…


Profile Creation

Create an Always-On Skills Profile in less than 60 seconds.


Discover Opportunities

See Jobs, Companies, Locations, and Pathways you're qualified to pursue.


Optimize Your Profile

Select the skills and requirements you possess to continually update and enhance your profile, meeting the needs of prospective employers.

The Jobs You’re Qualified For & The Companies that Want You

With an Oplign Profile, the job market actively seeks you out daily, presenting positions that match your qualifications in real-time. Say goodbye to irrelevant job notifications; instead, access a curated selection of roles tailored to your skills, all at your fingertips.

Real-time Job Alignment

See your real-time alignment to all the jobs in your location.

Company Skills Alignment

See your real-time alignment to companies looking for your skill set at scale.

Close Skill Gaps

See your real-time skills gaps and close them to fully qualify for more jobs pouring in.

Optimized Platform for Veteran Job Seekers

Oplign is the Job Opportunity version of Radar, Sonar, and SIGINT all rolled into one for Veteran Job Seekers – translating, structuring, syncing and aligning every Vet to every company that wants to hire them automatically

  • Instantaneous Market Sync

    Start your job exploration with just your Branch, Rank, and MOS/Rate/AFSC.

  • Seamless Military to Civilian Transition

    Our system translates your military terminologies into civilian language effortlessly.

  • Immediate Outreach to Leading Companies

    Register and get your Oplign Profile shared with a multitude of companies looking to hire Veterans.

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Student/New Grad

The Optimal Platform for Student/New Grad Job Seekers

Oplign is the best internship and entry job platform for students with all majors and from any educational institution.

  • Initial Market Sync

    Get an initial sync to market by using your Matriculation Level, Grad Year, Educational Major, and Institution.

  • Course Integration

    Tell Oplign which courses you’ve already completed in your major.

  • Internship and Work Interests

    Indicate which Internship types you want to pursue, and what other work interests you want to pursue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Oplign streamlines the job search process by quickly determining where your skills and experience fit in the current labor market. While we can't guarantee employment, using Oplign significantly increases your chances of being considered for jobs that closely match your qualifications, thereby enhancing the likelihood of finding the right job for you.

Our platform is comprehensive, encompassing an array of industries and job functions. With approximately 1.5 million open positions at any given time, Oplign simplifies your search. You won't need to sift through countless listings or decipher complex job criteria. A brief interaction with our system can illuminate the most pertinent opportunities tailored to your skills, across various companies and locations, without the hassle of traditional job search methods.

Your professional data is treated with the utmost respect and privacy on Oplign. The only essential detail we require is a valid email address. Rest assured, your data will not be sold or used for intrusive marketing or mailing lists. Our sole focus is to facilitate the connection between your professional profile and the right opportunities at leading companies, steering clear of the prevalent attention-driven advertising practices. Your trust in us is paramount, and we're committed to upholding it through every interaction with our platform.