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Real-time operational labor supply and demand data that maximizes workforce efficiencies and margins.

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Oplign /op line/ (American origin): A revolutionary data platform that harvests, encodes, relates, and values all requirements and qualifications in the global labor marketplace.

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Easily install Oplign to gain global access to our Enterprise Optimization Management System (OMS). Accelerate smart execution with a continuously updated operating picture across your entire enterprise.


Oplign solves the most vexing workforce configuration, employee optimization, organizational evolution, and labor capacity prediction issues against dynamic markets in near real-time.


Oplign effortlessly merges new and legacy data on a comprehensive SaaS platform. Built on a world-class cloud platform, you will be able to; install, scale, and access on-demand.

Simple, Versatile, & Scalable

View, organize, and quantify operational elements with Oplign’s AI enabled platform that is simple to implement. Maximize the execution of assets including; employees, candidates, and service suppliers for management to take real-time actions.

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We do the heavy lifting; There is no tech to install & it is secure.

Oplign provides

  • A complete map of the labor market.
  • Real-time machine learning tools.
  • Simple data visualization interface.
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Do you want to help align people visiting to your career page with the jobs they should be viewing?

Do you need real-time capabilities to interact with in-demand talent while viewing your career page?

Would you like to virtualize your job fair in order to align job seekers with opportunities?

Do unqualified candidates bog down your Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

Do you need to immediately align qualified veterans?

Is it difficult to find valuable veteran candidates?

Would you like to align job fairs to all of your jobs upon arrival?

Are you tired of stale resumes that do not kinetically align to your jobs?

Would it be beneficial to understand internal talent globally?

Do your employees understand the best use of their existing skills?

Would you like to have insight and real-time access to your global labor market?

Do you need to recognize revenue on new demand, increase on the job training ROI, and drive margin expansion?

Would you like to easily align available talent with your government contracts?

Would you like to make it simple for vets to immediately know which jobs match their qualifications?

Would you like to understand how all labor assets align with every IDIQ and USG contract Labor category?

Would you like to decrease time deciphering IDIQ Task order responses into a compliance matrix?

Would you like to optimize the way you go to market?

How is your workforce configured, reskilled, and renewed?

How are you optimizing labor spend?

Is time lost trying to organize supply to meet demand?

Would you like to increase productivity with the ability to have real-time digital access to your broader labor market?

Would you like actionable data about your competition, partners, and potential merger and acquisition targets?

Do you spend countless hours collecting and crunching the workforce and labor market data?

Do you pay external consultants to assist in providing workforce overlap data