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employment alignment engine in the world.

How it works...

Other sites work by matching the number of certain keywords in your resume with a job posting, whereas Oplign’s Artificial Intelligence engine works by understanding the context of your education and experiences and matching them to the context of the world’s open opportunities.

Align in seconds and open all the opportunities around the world.

No more resumes, no more cover letters, no more never hearing back from a company you submit to. Just a 24/7/365 alignment engine working to find you every job you qualify for and want to see.

Oplign shows you jobs by every function, every location, and every experience level.

Just tell us a couple things about yourself and the machine does all the work for you, and the more you use it the smarter it gets about opportunities that your looking for and are right for you.

How It Works

Education and Experience

Click off your level of education and what you’ve been up to the last 2, 5, 10 or more years.

Build Your Profile Automatically

After your initial three clicks, Oplign brings you all the skills, experiences, and certifications that are the most important requirements in the market for someone at your level.

See Jobs You Align to and Start Reaching Out

Oplign shows you all the jobs you align to, and lets you interact with them to get smarter and smarter about exactly the right jobs for you. Select the one you want, hit the green button and let the company know your fully qualified, interested, and ready to talk.

Get the Interview and Get Hired!

Employment Opportunities Across the Spectrum

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