Lose the Hay –  Keep the Needles

Oplign pinpoints where new job opportunities align with your unique skills, experiences, and preferences.

Opportunities in your strike zone.

See job opportunities in the areas you want to work in, that you’re qualified to work in, in the locations you want to work in –  both US and overseas.

A system that learns from you.

Oplign’s machine learning “context” algorithms use not only your education, work experience and skills to align you to opportunities, but learns about alignments to your secondary/tertiary skills and preferences the more you interact with the system.

Evolution beyond word search.

No more clogged email boxes or auto alerts from random “word” matches having nothing to do with the kind of job you want. Oplign’s state of the art Context Learning Engine Overwatch (CLEO) shows you only opportunities that align to the job type, level, function, location, and companies you want.

The Real Marketplace for Jobs

100% veteran employment.

Oplign’s AI engine works overtime to make sure the skills and experience of all veterans align properly to job opportunities in the marketplace. Simply by entering Branch, Rank, and MOS, Oplign can start showing you all the jobs you qualify for, and connect you to all the companies that want to talk to you.

All contracting opportunities in one place.

Oplign algorithms create immediate Labor Category alignment between USG Contracting companies and the men and woman working to keep our nation safe. CONUS or OCONUS, DoD or DHS, Cyber or BOSS Support – Oplign aligns the skills you have to the jobs out there that are available today.

The shortest distance to getting noticed.

Within 60 seconds of logging into Oplign you see all the jobs you align to. Within 3 minutes you’re telling companies that you’re fully qualified and interested in their job posting. Within a day you’ll have companies inviting you to talk to them about the jobs you’re interested in.

Alignment Beyond the Resume

Word search just isn’t working.

You use your resume to highlight all your employment “facts” – education, work experience, certifications, etc. Yet, because everyone uses word matching filters on your resume, you have to rewrite it every time you search/apply for a new job. This highly flawed methodology creates a significantly flawed output for both job seekers and companies – leaving nobody happy with the status quo. You get an inbox full of job opportunities you don’t want to see, and companies get a bunch of resumes that they aren’t going to even read. Oplign makes all this noise obsolete.

Context creates alignment.

Oplign’s technological breakthrough uses context rather than word search to align you properly with opportunities.  This allows the system to understand the exact meanings, relationships, and multivariate interplay of hundreds, if not thousands, of characteristics, indicators, and other data present in your Oplign Profile. The Context Learning Engine Overwatch software understands the context of each job opportunity in the system as well, and continually compares your profile’s context to the context of every job in the system.

An inbox full of needles.

All this leads to Oplign showing you the jobs you want – in the right area, at the right level, for the right company. And even better, Oplign continually learns about your abilities, preferences, and even your dislikes, as you interact with the system. This lets it better understand what jobs you’re qualified for, what kind of jobs you’re interested in, and what jobs align for your next success.

About Us

We were there once – Bragg, Bagram, Pearl, Wright-Pat, Irbil, Pendleton, Okinawa, Vicenza  – and now we’re here. We’ve been Airmen, and Petty Officers, and Warrants, and Captains, and Colonels. We’ve been CEOs, and SVPs, and Managers, and Journeymen, and unemployed. We’ve tried to do this the smart way, but only after doing this thing the hard way… far too many times.

We’ve done it enough to come fully around to what we learned that first day they shaved our head and handed us the uniform – it’s not about us. This site, what it does, who it helps, how it aligns Vets, that’s what this is about. In the end this site is about helping you and whatever team you belong to, do it smarter and faster and better. This is about all of us seeking, striving, and getting better…and Oplign is just one tool to help you along the way.

Our Mission: Get America Working

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